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News & Events

Offshore development facility in East-coast port city of India.
                        - Dec 15, 2005

Small business accounting software,"Perf'Acct" beta release.
                        - Jan 23,2006

arrow_bullleted Overview

We offer a combination of vast expertise and competence to achieve technology-driven business solutions. Our intelligent capabilities and establishment methodologies for IT services assist the needs of organizations, which perpetually strive to iterate their business and IT approach.

Our services supplement to define, optimize and support our benefactor’s business strategy with technology advantage.


An in-depth knowledge of various technological areas such as enterprise IT programs, communications and Internet technology, product development and engineering, product design and data management across various domains facilitate us to satisfy our clients specific requirements.

We maximize the benefits with our ‘Web Participation’ of our depth, diversity and delivery capability. Ensuring adaptability to client needs, in consequence reveal the most pioneering solution in every business and technological domain.

Our Technology Solutions range from the Domain of engineering and medicine to Banking industry including e-commerce and the credit card business. We also are planning to extend our stupendous services to universities as we believe education is the soul of technology advancement. In fact our plan includes an online education for all sections of people in the global village.

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