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Client's Speak

OPEL's Solutions group helped us build a custom solution where packaged software could not get us the desired results with minimal cost.
          - by Dr. Jirong Wang

OPEL's consultants are flexible, knowledgeable resources.
          - by DK Musunuru

OPEL's consultants are excellent in implementing solutions.
          - by Jim Caplan


OPEL Systems is formed with an objective of providing service to its clients. Our team of consultants materializes the client's requirements with their technology expertise. The satisfaction of our clients is our Success. Our commitment to our clients as an OPEL team is the foundation of our being.

OPEL Systems provide 'Corporate Change' strategies that

enable organizations to model their structure and workflows so that informed decisions can be made when re-engineering and improving Business Processes.

Our teams are target oriented and play the part that is expected. OPEL Systems is dedicated to provide a range of IT consulting and process outsourcing solutions. At OPEL, we have an efficient and well-organized way of executing projects. Our professionalism makes sure that our technology supports your business.

How are we different? / Why Do You Choose Us?

If you start with us, you will always stay with us. The reasons are manifold and have been attested by our continuing relationship with the existing clients. Most of our clients regard OPEL as their preferred vendor and stay with us year after year. Why so? Read on.

OPEL is driven by four core values that make the difference. These are:
                 Belief in people
                 Pursuit of excellence
                 Customer orientation

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